Sunday, 7 March 2010

Anyone for croquis?

Croquis courtesy of
Every element of the design process intrigues and excites me, and I get a disproportionate amount of pleasure from looking at fashion sketches. These elegant figures are known as croquis and I have long held a desire to learn how to draw them and decided that today was the day.
After an hour of watching online tutorials and getting nowhere, I once again googled 'how to draw a croquis' and came across They have a whole host of beautifully drawn croquis available for free download, so I set to work tracing the one shown above into my inspiration book. My book is beautiful, and the paper is thick, heavy and in no way practical for tracing, so I found another use for today's sunshine and held it up against the window with the template behind. Perfect. My very first croqui is waiting for an outline of black ink - it's so beautiful that it doesn't need any embellishment - and now I plan to revisit the tutorials for some tips on sketching designs over the top.
Hurrah for the internet!