Sunday, 7 March 2010

Point and don't shoot...

Hmmm. I have been musing on the possibility of taking photos of my outfits like any good blogger ought and so, given that today is a day of firsts, I made a stab at it, which was very quickly aborted.

Taking one's own photo is never easy, even with a timer, and I discovered that my trusty old point-and-shoot is not going to cut the mustard. After perfoming contortions worthy of the Chinese State Circus to try and fit my whole body into the shot (and making the outfit disappear in the process), I abandoned the exercise and started to wonder whether I am going to be that kind of blogger, because:

a) I hate having my picture taken
b) I never look that great in photos (maybe that's just POS, though...)
c) Is it worth investing in a great SLR to find out that it's not just POS?!
d) I need a personal photographer!

Watch this space (warning: it may be a big space!)