Monday, 15 March 2010

Feature: Rob Ryan

Image courtesy of

I first became aware of Rob Ryan when Elle UK ran an article on his work in 2008. He is an incredibly talented artist who hand- and laser-cuts the most sublime pictures, all of which feature very sweet messages and musings that hark to a world very much removed from our own.

Above is my very favourite of his pieces, which I still haven't bought as I don't want to damage it when we move! Alison (who is also a great fan) bought me the beautiful print series If You could... which features an incredible piece by Rob Ryan, along with many other talented young artists.

In Rob Ryan's work you will find escapism and pleasure, whimsy and nostalgia, and everything he creates is a true delight to behold. You can check out Rob's blog here, and I hope you enjoy his talent as much as I do!